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Local Author Event
Donna Reed
Saturday September 19th

We are excited to have Donna Reed joining us on Saturday September 19th to sign her collection of essays, My Voice. You will recognize Donna from the column Voices in the News-Gazette. Check out one of her recent columns here: Donna Reed/Voices: Tips for a successful high school reunion.

About the Author:
Donna Reed is a retired speech/language pathologist in the Champaign schools and a part-time English As A Second Language instructor at Parkland Community College. And that isn't even an ounce of the amazing work Donna has done in this community: Character Counts of Champaign County member, Leadershape Institute leader/coordinator, Illinois' Random Acts of Kindness coordinator, professional storyteller, appeared onstage with C-U Community Theatre, National Board of Professional Teacher's Standards recipient, has written for the News-Gazette "Voices" column, and just recently released her first book, My Voice, essays on the warm and funny moments of life. (Bio from That's What She Said Q&A)

About the Book:
Family. Friends. Loved ones. Memories. Moments. My Voice is a collection of essays that focus on my life as a wife and mom, teacher, daughter, granddaughter, sister, cousin, aunt, friend and colleague. These essays, first published in The News-Gazette in Champaign, Illinois, are comprised of childhood memories, as well as everyday humorous moments and holiday traditions as seen through my eyes and spoken in my voice.

My Voice will introduce readers to a warm, wonderful family and the funny situations that are a part of life. Hopefully those of you picking up this book will see your own lives reflected here, and you will share a smile with your loved ones.

Dark History Con
Sept 19-20
Fluid Events Center

"Looking at the darker side of history through True Crime and the tragic events that haunt us"

An event for those who love True Crime, Espionage, and all the other darker corners of our history. This event will feature many authors, artists, filmmakers, prior law enforcement, and many others! Don't miss this exciting event at the Fluid Events Center on Sept 19th and 20th.

For more information and tickets check out the Website
Click here to see the Guests! 
Check out the Dark History Con Facebook page for even more info and updates!

New Used Books
(Books that are new to the store even if they are old in age)
August came and went like a flash and September is now in full swing. We were very busy all month long with the waves of students arriving in town but found time to add 1250 more titles to our shelves. 
A few of the interesting titles we added:

By Gavin Menzies
1421: The Year China Discovered America is the story of a remarkable journey of discovery that rewrites our understanding of history. Our knowledge of world exploration as it has been commonly accepted for centuries must now be reconceived due to this classic work of historical detection.
On 3/8/1421, the largest fleet the world had ever seen set sail from China. Its mission was "to proceed all the way to the ends of the earth to collect tribute from the barbarians beyond the seas" & unite the whole world in Confucian harmony. When it returned in 10/1423, the emperor had fallen, leaving China in political & economic chaos. The great ships were left to rot at their moorings. Most records of their journeys were destroyed. Lost in China's long, self-imposed isolation that followed was the knowledge that Chinese ships had reached America 70 years before Columbus & had circumnavigated the globe a century before Magellan. Also concealed was how the Chinese colonized America before the Europeans & transplanted in America & other countries the principal economic crops that have fed & clothed the world.
Gavin Menzies, who spent fifteen years tracing the astonishing voyages of the Chinese fleet, shares the remarkable account of his discoveries and the incontrovertible evidence to support them. His compelling narrative pulls together ancient maps, precise navigational knowledge, astronomy and the surviving accounts of Chinese explorers and the later European navigators to prove that the Chinese had also discovered Antarctica, reached Australia three hundred and fifty years before Cook and solved the problem of longitude three hundred years ahead of the Europeans.
by David Coombs, Minnie Churchill
Sir Winston Churchill began painting during World War I, and it became his lifelong passion. His works, which number over 500, are of remarkable quality and have received the most positive criticism in the English press. "Had he signed his pictures 'Jones,' the critic would still find himself pausing in front of them," noted one Sunday Times of London art critic in 1949. Another opined that "At least a dozen of these pictures will stand against any of the best impressionists." This exclusive, comprehensive collection of the paintings of one of the greatest statesmen in history is licensed by the Churchill Heritage, which will provide marketing support. Written by the renowned art critic who catalogued all of Churchill's paintings shortly after his death, along with Sir Winston's granddaughter-in-law, this sumptuous art book collects all of the images painted by Churchill, primarily in oil on canvas, and in essence provides a look at his life story through his paintings. It also includes authoritative text by the authors, Sir Winston's complete 1925 essay Painting as a Pastime, and 40 rare, previously unpublished photographs of Churchill and his world, in both color and black and white.
by J.R.R. Tolkien, Christopher Tolkien (Editor)
The Treason of Isengard continues the account of the creation of The Lord of the Rings started in the earlier volume, The Return of the Shadow.
It traces the great expansion of the tale into new lands and peoples south and east of the Misty Mountains: the emergence of Lothlórien, of Ents, of the Riders of Rohan, and of Saruman the White in the fortress of Isengard.
In brief outlines and pencilled drafts dashed down on scraps of paper are seen the first entry of Galadriel, the earliest ideas of the history of Gondor, and the original meeting of Aragorn and Éowyn, its significance destined to be wholly transformed.
The book also contains a full account of the original map which was to be the basis of the emerging geography of Middle-earth; and an appendix examines the Runic alphabets, with illustrations of the forms and an analysis of the Runes used in the Book of Mazarbul found beside Balin's tomb in Moria.
by Tim Johnson (Editor)
Native Americans have been among the most popular subjects of photography since the invention of the medium more than 150 years ago. One of the most assiduous collectors of Native American objects and images was George Gustav Heye, whose vast collections now form the core of the holdings of the Smithsonian's National Museum of the American Indian (NMAI). Spirit Capture brings together more than 200 of the most compelling images from the NMAI collection with essays from Native and non-Native historians, anthropologists, and curators. Whether depicting runaway Wyandot girls being returned to their boarding school, a Seminole woman sitting at a sewing machine, or a Yaqui man sporting a pair of bandoliers, the photographs in Spirit Capture attest to the adaptive strength of Native Americans in the face of more than a century of profound economic, political, social, and spiritual change.
by F. Stansbury Haydon
Military Ballooning during the Early Civil War raises large and important questions about technological change within a military bureaucracy. The book begins with an introduction to the history of military ballooning since the wars of the French Revolution, with special attention to discussions of military aeronautics in the United States since the time of the Seminole Wars. Haydon also demonstrates the complicated maneuvering among American balloonists who sought to aid the army before the Battle of Bull Run and shows how the attitudes of various officers toward the balloons changed during the ensuing months of 1861-62.
First published in 1941 as Aeronautics in the Union and Confederate Armies, this volume received compliments in the London Times Literary Supplement for its exploration of "the attitude of soldiers toward innovations." A reviewer in theMilitary Engineer praised the book both for its extensive scholarship and "as a lesson to all military men of the difficulties and misunderstandings which arise whenever a new means of conducting war is introduced into army circles." This edition includes a new foreword by Tom D. Crouch, senior curator of the Aeronautics Division at the National Air and Space Museum.
by Greg Grandin
The stunning, never before told story of the quixotic attempt to recreate small-town America in the heart of the Amazon.
In 1927, Henry Ford, the richest man in the world, bought a tract of land twice the size of the U.S. state of Delaware in the Brazilian Amazon. His intention was to grow rubber, but the project rapidly evolved into a more ambitious bid to export America itself, along with its golf courses, ice-cream shops, bandstands, indoor plumbing, and Model Ts rolling down broad streets.
Fordlandia, as the settlement was called, quickly became the site of an epic clash. On one side was the car magnate, lean, austere, the man who reduced industrial production to its simplest motions; on the other, the Amazon, lush, extravagant, the most complex ecological system on the planet. Ford's early success in imposing time clocks and square dances on the jungle soon collapsed, as indigenous workers, rejecting his midwestern Puritanism, turned the place into a ribald tropical boomtown. Fordlandia's eventual demise as a rubber plantation foreshadowed the practices that today are laying waste to the rain forest.
More than a parable of one man's arrogant attempt to force his will on the natural world, Fordlandia depicts a desperate quest to salvage the bygone America that the Ford factory system did much to dispatch. As Greg Grandin shows in this gripping and mordantly observed history, Ford's great delusion was not that the Amazon could be tamed but that the forces of capitalism, once released, might yet be contained.
by Luc Cuyvers
Setting Sail tells the 10,000 year story of mankind's quest to cross the world's oceans. It is a remarkable saga that moves from island to island, between nations, and eventually across continents as peoples share skills and technologies that advance their sailing skills. The book accompanies a four part television program that is slated to air on Discovery Channel stations during 2004. A DVD of the television program is included with the purchase of this book.

Author Luc Cuyvers looks first into prehistory and the Polynesian diaspora that began before the Christian era. At a time when most sailors refused to venture beyond the sight of land, Polynesians were the first "bluewater" adventures, exploring the western Pacific Ocean across an area greater than twice the size of the American continent.
Setting Sail considers the advances and techniques that allowed Arab traders to pursue the first oceangoing trade routes. By 750 A.D., for example, Arab traders regularly sailed to India, Ceylon, and onward as far as China and Korea. Seven centuries later, new centers of exploration were stirring. The Chinese began to travel on voyages of discovery and Portugal's Prince Henry the Navigator sponsored the first of many voyages that would change Europe's understanding of the maritime world.
The story Setting Sail tells is fascinating and visually exciting. The text is supplemented with more than 100 color photographs of places, people, and ships that illustrate the story of ocean exploration.

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(synopses from goodreads.com)
Donnie's Corner
I love cooking with Grandma. And by cooking I mean eating the ingredients as I am helping cook. One of my favorite things to make with Grandma is desserts, especially cookies. My favorite cookie is M&M Chocolate Chip. Mommy showed me a book, Rosies Bakery Chocolate-Packed, Jam-Filled, Butter-Rich, No-Hold-Barred : Cookie Book, which has so many cookie recipes. I am so excited to make more cookies now.

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