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A candid recreation of one of the most influential lives of recent times, Mohandas finally answers questions long asked about the timid youth from India's west coast who became a century's conscience and led his nation to liberty: What was Gandhi like in his daily life and in his closest relationships? In his face-offs with an Empire, with his own bitterly divided people, with his adversaries, his family and-his greatest confrontation-with himself?

Answering these and other questions, and releasing the true Gandhi from his shroud of fame and myth, Mohandas, authored by a practised biographer who is also Gandhi's grandson, does more than tell a story.

The Unspeakable Confessions Of Salvador Dali
by Salvador Dalí, André Parinaud
Contains the frank and uncensored confessions of Salvador Dali, from his childhood and first adolescent sexual experiences to his emergence as a painter, surrealist and eventually the most famous - and possibly richest - artist of modern times. These inspired tracts, covering art, love, sex, money, death, fame, science, his famous friends and enemies and his extraordinary creative genius, reveal the intricate workings of Dali's mind to create not only an unparallelled autobiography but also one of the key Surrealist texts yet published.

Illustrated with drawings by Dali and with rare photographs.

The birth of Dolly -- the world's first clone -- placed in our hands the secret of creation. Few discoveries have so altered our notion of what it means to be human, or presented such a Gordian knot of ethical, spiritual, and scientific questions. Noted science journalist Gina Kolata broke the news nationally in The New York Times and was the first reporter to speak with Dr. Ian Wilmut, the embryologist who cloned Dolly. Now Kolata reveals the story behind Dolly, interweaving the social and cultural tales of our fear and fascination with cloning, reaching back nearly a century, with the riveting scientific account of how a clone came to be and the mind-boggling questions Dolly presents for our future.Clone is a compelling blend of scientific suspense, dreams dashed, and frauds exposed, with provocative philosophical questions and an astute assessment of why Dolly's birth was only possible now. Like The Making of the Atomic BombLucy, and Chaos, this book gives us a window on history in the making, and an understanding of its profound effect on our lives.

Combining the insights of a gifted research scientist with vivid tales that are usually the realm of the novelist, Dr. Ronald Siegel lets his readers experience the suspicion, terror, and rage that possess the mind of the paranoid. This is the first book to investigate the actual experience of paranoia and to demonstrate that under the right conditions - drugs or deprivation, for example - anyone can be driven into that state. And indeed, eight million Americans already have been. The paranoid inhabits a different realm of being, one that tilts the world ever so slightly. The senses detect these differences and sound mental alarms. Delusions and hallucinations feed on each other, flourishing with amazing speed. The paranoid becomes locked in a new mode of thinking - viewing life as from a cell. In a dozen case studies, Dr. Siegel follows his patients into the shadow lands where paranoia flourishes - drug addiction, prison, organized crime, and terrorism. He introduces us to mild cases where there is only a vague sense that something is out there stalking, to those with apocalyptic visions so intense that they shake the foundations of an entire community. We meet the old woman who hears her teeth whispering, the beautiful ballet dancer who falls in love with a shadow, and the cocaine addict for whom the invasion of imaginary bugs was strong enough to kill. This intrepid journey through the mind's dark corridors ends with a reflective coda exploring the suicide of Ernest Hemingway, and there is no better guide than Dr. Ronald Siegel.

The World Without Us
by Alan Weisman
If human beings disappeared instantaneously from the earth, what would happen? How would the planet reclaim its surface? What creatures would emerge from the dark and swarm? How would our treasured structures -- our tunnels, our bridges, our homes, our monuments -- survive the unmitigated impact of a planet without our intervention? 

In his revelatory, bestselling account, Alan Weisman draws on every field of science to present an environmental assessment like no other, the most affecting portrait yet of humankind's place on this planet.

Liberty! The American Revolution 
by Thomas J. Fleming
Liberty! brings to life one of the most important and compelling stories in America's history: the struggle for independence and the birth of the nation. New York Times bestselling historian Thomas Fleming's gripping narrative captures the high drama of the revolutionary years and the unyielding courage and political genius of the men and women who imagined a new set of political possibilities for humankind - laying the foundation for the identity and character of the American people in the process. The companion volume to the PBS television series of the same name, Liberty! traces the evolution of the ideals that inspired a generation of Americans to struggle against Britain - then the most powerful country in the world - to establish the free society and democratic system that is so inherently and uniquely American. A remarkable work that surges with human drama, it is a book that everyone will read and treasure for decades to come.

Poetry Corner
Local poet Jim O'Brien reviews books of poetry and on poets that we have in stock!

Erica Jong

Erica Jong's 3rd collection of poetry, At the Edge of the Body, was
published in 1979, six years after her novel, Fear of Flying, took the
nation, and its notion of feminism, by storm. I have been a long-time
fan of Jong's essays and novels but had only known her later poems.
Nearly forty years old, some of these poems may feel a little dated
based on their feminist grounding, but I don't think that fight is
nearly over. This book would be a good addition for anyone fighting
the good fight.

Donnie and Stanley's Corner

With this amazing weather on its way Mommy has been reading books about Spring and the fun things to do in Spring. One thing Mommy enjoys doing in Spring is flying kites. This year she and Donnie might even make their own kite! If you want to make your own kite, check out this book: The Complete Book of Kites and Kite Flying by Will Yolen.
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Recent Arrivals
Hockney on Art : Conversations With Paul Joyce, DAVID HOCKNEY, PAUL JOYCE
Hockney on Art : Conversations With Paul Joyce
20.00 USD
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August Strindberg (Routledge Modern and Contemporary Dramatists), Eszter Szalczer
August Strindberg (Routledge Modern and Contemporary Dramatists)
Eszter Szalczer
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Sweetness: The Enigmatic Life of Walter Payton, Jeff Pearlman
Sweetness: The Enigmatic Life of Walter Payton
Jeff Pearlman
15.00 USD
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